Dr. deHart


I have been teaching for over 30 years, formerly in State and private colleges as well as top rated universities  including those in Hawai’i, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Louisiana (LSU), Texas, Florida, and California. I have also lectured to college and graduate level university students in the USA, Canada, England, and South Korea. I obtained my Ph.D./D.Phil. (Doctor of Philosophy) at the University of Oxford (England) with an emphasis in Law, Literature, and Philosophy/Theology. The courses I have taught over the last two decades include: English; History, Philosophy; Religion; World Civilization; Theology; Philosophy of Religious Symbolism; Literary Interpretation as applied to ancient texts, etc. The classes I have taught as a high school teacher include: English 1 and Honors (9th grade); English 2 and Honors (10th grade); General English (11th-12th grade); English 4 and 4 AP, Journalism; and Philosophy. I am a published author (books, journals, and newspapers) and have also co-authored several books. I have studied French, Latin, Greek, and Hebrew, often handling some of the oldest manuscripts in the world at the University of Oxford’s renowned libraries. I was awarded Outstanding Teacher during my first year at LAUSD and have been recognized for my work at OHHS as well. When we are not teaching we also perform as musicians throughout the year (see below for more info). 

I joined Oak Hills High School in the Fall of 2010. I take great pride in being an English teacher at Oak Hills High School, working with the enthusiastic students and alumni that walk into my classroom. It is a privilege to be at Oak Hills and prepare my students for a successful college opportunity.

I am the very proud husband of Allison de Hart (D3), the blessed father of 5 boys (Wesley; Calvin; Alexander; and Bennett and my step son Barret)t. Like their father they are all serious musicians, artists, and writers, movie makers, and directors (with acting experience). I also have an African Grey Parrot named Murray, he speaks English, Latin, some Greek, and gibberish.We recently added two pug puppies  (Dodger & Oscar Wilde) to the family and he is named after our favorite sports team in Los Angeles.  

IMG 1929

Little Bear Valley Blues at the Hard Rock Hotel, Palm Springs

Murray Maximus Paracelsus



DODGER (top) & Oscar Wilde

Favorite Books: The Picture of Dorian Gray; Frankenstein 1818 1st Edition; Bhagavad Gita, Siddhartha, Atlas Shrugged, 1611 Bible, Gulliver’s Travels, 

Favorite Authors: Oscar Wilde and Percy Bysshe Shelley

Favorite Poets: Charles Baudelaire ;Walt Whitman; Percy Shelley; and Lord Byron

Hobbies: Playing Guitar; Traveling; Writing Books; listening to music (Classical/Jazz/and classic Rock), especially on vinyl 

Allison D. de Hart, also an honors level English teacher at OHHS.

Music website: www.littlebearvalleyblues.com - a site dedicated to community building events that my wife and I participate in through our acoustic/electric music gigs. Country, folk, classic rock, blues, oldies. We perform regularly throughout the mountain community including: The Hard Rock Hotel (Palm Springs), Lake Arrowhead Resort, The Tudor House, The Lakefront Taproom, Papagayos Cantina, Higher Grounds Coffee House, Indian Wells Country Club, The Living Desert (Rancho Mirage), Shields Cafe (Indio), Mammoth summer Festival, etc. We are available for private parties and special events (reunions, weddings, etc.)

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