English 1 (Honors)


Greetings parents of 2022-2023 Oak Hills Freshmen. This is an exciting time for your child and it will be a challenging one as well. Jr. High and Sr. High are completely different experiences and this new step will require a lot of parental oversight with homework, dates, study, and encouragement. This is a pre-AP level class, meaning it is to prepare them for Advanced Placement English in their junior/senior years. The AP exam that students can take as Juniors and Seniors gives entrance preference to many prestigeous universities, far more than students who “dual enroll” at community college. Please take time in the evening to ask your son/daughter what they learned, what they are studying, when they have the next major assignment due, tests, quizzes, papers, AND how YOU can help them study or develop better study habits. If you have concerns please email me at scott.dehart@hesperiausd.org. 

EXPECTATIONS of behavior:

Respect for school property (classroom materials; school campus).

Respect for the teacher, teacher student assistant, administration.

Respect for peers - specifically in school appropriate language and attitudes. NO bullying will be permitted at any time. Any evidence of bullying will result in immediate consequences with the strongest effective recommendation for intervention and discipline as outlined by the school handbook and educational & criminal codes in the State of California. It will NOT be tolerated in my classroom.

A LEARNING ATTITUDE! Students who are not serious about academics should be moved to regular English level classes, this course is for serious students.

***** Plagiarism - use of material taken from a source without proper citation  (i.e. internet, wikipedia, another student’s work, etc.) will result in immediate failure of the assignment, referral for discipline, and potential suspension or expulsion from the school if repeated. Plagiarism is academic theft and will NOT be tolerated. This will be explained in class thoroughly and your child is EXPECTED to understand and avoid all appearance of plagiarism. This is a ZERO tolerance matter particularly for honor students!!

PLEASE continually check in with the school associated grading program (Infinite Campus) and Google Classroom where the majority of the assignments will be posted and graded in the first instance. Should the school year be moved to a modified or at home learning environment, it is CRITICAL that parents AND students realize that assignments must be turned in according to the instructions, ON TIME, and without plagiarism or excuses. Make up work is allowed 1 day after an excused absence.  It is expected that parents will participate equally in making sure that their children learn to be responsible rather than make excuses. NOTE: if a student is lacking a computer or internet access, it is your responsibility to contact the school Administration immediately in order to make sure your child(ren) have access at all times! Please notify Dr. deHart and administration immediately. 


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WHAT TO EXPECT 1st Semester:

During the first semester we will focus on  Literary Analysis,  character/setting/narrator/ short story and Drama.  Critical thinking skills will be expected and grades will reflect thinking/analysis over memorization.